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Working at Starbucks KSA is a lot like working with friends. For one thing, the people who work here aren't "employees: we're "partners", because we passionately share common goals and mutual success. We continually engage. recognize, train and reward our partners for their ongoing contribution, and we are committed to giving them opportunities that develop skills, advance careers, and help achieve personal and professional goals.

We fully support the Saudi Vision 2030, and recognize the crucial role that youth employment will play in bringing this vision to life. To support this ambitious vision, we provide tools and development experiences to empower our partners and help them define their future and bring our mission to life


Training programs by Starbucks





The Barista Training Programme (BTP) is an entry level program designed for Starbucks partners across the Kingdom. The programme aims at training and preparing young, entry level Saudi individuals, both male and female, for employment opportunities at the store level in Starbucks.

After the successful completion of the programme, young individuals will be offered suitable Barista roles, depending on their skills. The objective of the programme is to fill the existing gap of Saudi Nationals in the job market by nurturing skills and talents of young individuals and helping them find a suitable position in the retail sector.



The Management Training Programme (MTP) is designed to support the young and fresh Saudi graduates, both male and female, with the right tools and training that make them eligible for store management roles at Starbucks KSA.

Reflecting on the Saudi Vision 2030, is focused towards empowering, nurturing and inspiring young Saudi individuals for suitable management level roles. The programme supports in filling in the existing gap of Saudi Nationals in the hob market by nurturing their skills and talents and helping them make a mark in the retail sector.





Starbucks partners have a greater opportunity than just to perform their functions (#tobeapartner). Every employee can become a leader and be recognized at both the career and the community levels to work on the Starbucks’ values. To be better on a personal level, to relate its goals to a larger ones, to make a difference in the world and to highlight their values and work towards them..

Work with us

We are constantly looking for individuals who are passionate, self-motivate, adaptable creative and team –oriented. Please click on the below to see the available positions and apply for them.